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Dump Fees

30703 South MacArthur Drive
Tracy CA 95377

Telephone: (209) 832-2355
Fax: (209) 832-3062

5.0 Cubic Yards $78.00
3.5 Cubic Yards $54.00
2.5 Cubic Yards $39.00

4 Cubic Yards $62.00
3 Cubic Yards $47.00
2 Cubic Yards $31.00

3 Cubic Yards $47.00
2 Cubic Yards $31.00
1 Cubic Yard   $17.00

Weighed Loads General Charge $81.00 per ton

CLEAN (uncontaminated) Green Waste $63.00 per ton

Minimum Charge is $17.00 per cubic yard

Auto Tires $5.00 each, $7.00 each if mounted

Truck Tires $11.00 each, $20.00 each if mounted

Motorcycle Tires $4.00 each

Tractor Tires 42”- 48” $23.00 each, $35.00 each if mounted

Tires Exceeding 48” are Not Accepted

Used Oil Filters, Auto $1.00 each, Truck $2.00 each

Auto Batteries $2.00 each

Refrigerators, Freezers and Air Conditioners $23.00 each

All Other Appliances $7.50 each

Compost $6.00 per yard

Wood Chips $7.00 per yard

Demolition Waste by Agreement Only

At the discretion of the scale attendant, we reserve the right to weigh all loads
and charge weight at our current per ton rate for the applicable material

Flat rate load pricing is only available for light debris loads

Flat rate load pricing is not available for construction, demolition,
or other heavy materials

Load rates and weighed rates will be calculated by the scale attendant
based on the material and weight of the vehicle

*Rates Effective January 1, 2014